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A tasty collection of our readers’ favorite new recipes here on the blog in 2018!

Cozy Autumn Wild Rice Soup Recipe

Happy Almost-New Year, everyone!

As is our annual tradition here on the blog, I’ve rounded up two delicious collections of recipes to share with you this week — your favorite recipes from 2018 (today’s post), and some of my own personal faves (coming soon).  There was plenty of overlap here, of course. ♡  But I have to say, I’m so pleased that you guys fell in love with these particular recipes!

From our series on how to cook proteins in the oven (the big hit of the year, full of tips on how to bake chicken, steak, pork, shrimp, salmon and tofu), to the cozy wild rice soup that swept Pinterest, to the iced coffee that changed all of our lives, to the everyday salad that Barclay and I can’t stop making, to tamales and soups, healthy muffins and artichokes, casseroles and cacio e pepe — I love that these recipes were such a hit in your homes too.  It’s been a delicious year around here for sure.

That said, I’m already hard at work on a batch of fresh and healthy new recipes to kick off the new year that I think you’re going to love.  But when you have a sec, would you mind filling out this quick 1-minute recipe survey for me?  More than anything, I want to make the kinds of recipes that you want to make in 2019.  So if you have any recipe requests, blog suggestions, or cooking goals in mind for the new year, I’m all ears.  🙂

Cheers to another great year ahead, everyone!  And without further ado, here were the recipes that you made the most in 2018… (more…)

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